LoveStrong Training
Anxiety Relief in 3 simple steps

I've been 25+ years completely anxiety free after a decade of severe anxiety attacks. And I'm telling you...

You're not crazy, It's not permanent and You're not alone.

Take the first step to find out what's really going on:

1. Take the Breath Test to determine if it's truly anxiety or a breathing pattern disruption instead. (60 second test).

2. Start the training and customize your unique breath training for both anxiety and/or breathing patterns.

3. Retrain your system naturally while ADDING TOOLS to enhance, embody and expedite your progress. In otherwords, get faster results!

Training includes: 5 short video modules with additional tools Facebook Group collaboration Monthly Live Q&A Monthly Self Hypnosis Sessions

Breath Training & Hypnotherapy


Breath training is more specific for Anxiety, Asthma, Allergies or Sleep Apnea. We start with a baseline measurement and then personalize 3-5 breath training exercises for daily practice.

Hypnosis is specific form of guided relaxation that is helpful for Anxiety, Better Sleep, Weightloss, Smoking cessation, Confidence, Stress Management and much more.

I customize unique sessions that assist you in creating clarity, focus and change, by relaxing your body, clearing your mind and retraining your subconscious.

You are completely awake, aware and in full control throughout the entire experience. You simply choose your focus, we define the desired outcome, I create the experience, you get results. What are you wanting to achieve first?

Yoga Teacher Training

Start Anytime, All year long, at home, on your own schedule.
100, 200 & 300 hour certification programs
approved by the Yoga Alliance.

LoveStrong Adventures

It's a way of life: Hiking/walking/adventuring
& connecting with others & nature.

June 2017 - French Yoga Tour
November 2018 - Maui Yoga Tour
Local Hikes:
January 2021 - Blue Pool
February 2021- Fitton Green
March 2021 - Silver Falls & Bald Hill
April 2021 - Alsea Falls
May 2021 - Minto Brown Salem
June 2021 - Horse Rock
July 2021 - Shellburg Falls
August 2021 - Macdowell Creek
Sept 2021 - Hobbit Trail and Coast trek
Jan 2022 - Luckiamute
April 2022 - HorseRock July 2022 - McDowell Creek Falls

September 2022 -Peavy Arboretum

All trainings are based on decades of practices that have cultivated calm, clarity, confidence and creativity for myself and thousands of others. All this while lowering stress, finding joy and building resilience with the goal of living a LOVESTRONG Life. One in which I am Strong enough to live a life I Love.